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We greatly enjoy creating dynamic and engaging video animation that captivates the imagination of viewers and goes beyond expectations. Whether it’s explainer videos, infographics, trailers or teasers, we’ve got your motion graphics and animation needs covered.

2D Animation

LiveSmart Global is an experienced animation digital agency that specializes in 2D animation. to convey your message and brand in an exciting, different, and creative way.

3D Animation

At LiveSmart Global, our animators create engaging and flawless digital 3D animation that helps you communicate on a whole new level.

Animated Explainer

At LiveSmart Global, we create sharp and interesting animated explainer videos that help the audience retain information for longer and in greater detail.

Logo/Title Animation

At LiveSmart Global, our awesome animators can do more than just spin it around or flip it inside-out - we bring your old logo to life.

Social Media Videos

With extensive experience on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites, we have the expertise to create highly engaging content, to help your business reach a massive audience of potential users.


At LiveSmart Global, we can help you put your thoughts into words and imagine the way the video is going to look.

Testimonial Videos

A well-crafted testimonial video can reinforce organization values such as integrity, reliability and honesty.